Take your cloths off!

Struggling to come into the presence of God after a long and trying day; I push myself to try to enter into the Holy Place. Frustration begins to engulf me, instead of being lifted to a high place, I felt myself sinking into a hole. The more I struggled to pull myself out the more I was pulled deeper into the abyss. Thoughts from the day were bombarding my soul, screaming accusations of my unworthiness. Everything I had done or said wrong during the day was over powering the worship songs that were being sung in the back ground. I’m not sure how I got to this place, but I was here none the less. At the point of pure desperation, I raised my hands and said without realizing it, “God I need you!” It was what the Father was waiting for, me to come to a desperate place and cry out to him in my weak and feeble state. He whispered in my hear, “take your cloths off” come to the basin that is in the outer court and bath. Wash off all that has defiled you today. You can’t come into my presence because you have not prepared yourself for your King. Now, come to the basin and take your cloths off my bride. Wash your head, cleansing your thoughts from the vain imaginations, wash your face, your eyes, your ears,you mouth from all the vile things you have seen, heard and said today. Wash your arms from all the unholy things you have embraced; Wash your torso from things you have allowed to enter into your heart; Wash your legs and your feet from those forbidden places you walked today. Now that you are clean and naked, I can lead you into my Most Holy Place; my most intimate place. I will cloth you with my Glory, with my peace, with my love. I can now adorn you with my oil of gladness and you can sip from my wine of healing. Now, that you have taken your cloths off!

As I did everything thing that the Lover of my soul instructed me to do, I was instantly taken to the High Place and it was just him and I.

Oh, the pleasure that flooded my soul, I will never hesitate again to “Take my cloths off.” My King is waiting for me and I will not keep Him waiting. AJ


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